After Hours

On the other portfolio pages of this website, we try to provide images that serve as demonstrations of work done for paying clients. Our hope is that you will get a good idea of the work that you can expect for your product photography, headshots or lifestyle shots.

The exception to the above general rule is this page. We love creating images for our clients. It's what we do with the majority of our time. But, we also do feel that it's important (and there's really no other way to put it), to take some time to play. When you work in a subject day in and day out, you tend to accumulate skills. For us, these are in the areas of photography, lighting, staging, as well as various methods of digital image manipulation. 

Periodically, the mood will strike us in the studio and, next thing you know, we're neck deep in a shoot. These shoots allow us to combine and use our skills in new and different ways. Sometimes, this is a test shoot to ensure we're able to solve a challenge in the future that we've either encountered previously or anticipate. However, most of the time, we just want to have some fun. The images on this page are not the product of paid shoots. Any brands on this page didn't hire us. These photos are the product of us letting our hair down, so to speak. 

Cut loose every once in a while. You just might end up with something you love.