Hi there!

My name is Jamie Fisher. 

Let me give you a little bit of my backstory and philosophy:

I began photographing at an early age when I was given my first Canon, and have been working ever since to hone my ability to express myself through photography. I formed Fishy Foto in order to have a vehicle to express my artistic passion, and since then it has progressed into something much more. 

Since my beginnings in photography, I've moved from conveying my own artistic thoughts and feelings to collaborating with others to do so. This was first with other artists, and then with people with varying degrees of "artistic ability." I found when I started working with different types of clients, it became my job to help them to express themselves aesthetically. In truth, the vision is always there when I am working with clients. It's our job to find it and bring it out. 

With my clients, I work to understand exactly what it is they would like to express and help them to imbue that in the shots we take. 

I've found that people are a good deal more artistic than they give themselves credit for. That having been said, I like to work on the premise that my clients have ideas, thoughts, concepts, and pictures in the mind that are very much worth expressing. They might not presently have the technical ability with photography to get those things out of their head and into the camera, and they might not even have the words to describe exactly what they want, but they do have their own vision for what they would like to see, or would like others to see. I do happen to have the technical ability to produce exactly what it is they would like to see. Hence, getting the perfect shot becomes a team activity. 

I strive to take the photos my clients would take themselves if they were professional photographers. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading this introduction. I hope that you will take some time and look over my recent shoots and then my portfolio and please don't hesitate to contact me, even if only to say hello. One of my favorite things is meeting new people!



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