Product Photography

Product photography as a subject covers many different types of images, each with many different uses. To get you on the road to success, we’ve broken them down.


Catalog Photography

Also called “pack shots” or “on-white shots” these are the images that are generally on white and exclusively feature your product or it’s features. If you’re selling on Amazon, this is the category your main image and secondary main image (if you choose to use one) will fall into, with specific requirements existing for an Amazon main image. This is the first impression your potential customer will have of your product, and we’ve found that clean and simple is best.


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography showcases your product in a real life context. If you were selling, for instance, a coffee mug, you might want to show your product next to a coffee maker and other related items, steaming and ready to be enjoyed. These are the shots of your product that you want supporting your main images, as well as used for your social media efforts.


Lifestyle Photography with Model

We’re frequently asked to show a product with a model, and with good reason. Having a model in your image using or showcasing your product, can help your potential customers to imagine themselves using their products. If shots with a model can help your customers imagine a product solving a product for them or improving their life in some way, all the better.